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All product order cancellations must be approved by info@krmcorporation.com; locktag@krmcorporation.com, and may be denied or subject to restocking fees and other charges.

In the event of cancellation of part of any order only, the Customer may be requested to pay a reasonable cancellation fee. These fees are paid to KRM CORPORATION by the Customer. Customer requests to reschedule are subjected to acceptance by KRM CORPORATION at its sole discretion. Orders that have been submitted by KRM CORPORATION to the 3rd party logistics cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.

KRM CORPORATION reserves the right to limit or cancel any order and has sole discretion, to allocate sales, limit quantities of selected products, and limit selected products to its customers.

KRM CORPORATION reserves the right to reject any order or any part of an order. Product specifications, modifications, and availability are subject to change without prior notice.

No Returns No Refund

KRM CORPORATION undergoes for inspection of each good produced and removes the defective product from the stock before dispatching the goods, If the product has been found defected due to improper handling and application of the customer or by shipment forwarder their will be No refund or replacement issued in that case.

Please contact us with your order and details about any query related to product & installation and we will respond to you soonest.