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Metal / Aluminium Round Cable Lockout with Cable

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Material ABS with metallic insulated cable Economical cable lockout easy to carry as it is lighter in weight, it can resolve the purpose of multiple application like cable locking as well as group isolation like hasp and other safety devices. It can be useful for lockout the electrical as well as mechanical installed devices hence it is a versatile device in nature and then Tagout by an authorized person. Insulated steel cable and multipurpose lock body is metallic from inside that is coated with ABS material having totally six holes for group lockout. steel die cut is available to insert and hold the insulated cable Color Standard color Red or can make any color as per the quantity required. Complete Outer Size of multipurpose lock- length 147 mm, width of upper part is 10 mm and lower wide part is 13 mm, internal Hole diameter 8 mm Weight 70 gmof lock, 50 gm of cable so total weight is 120 gm
Cable lockout devices are extremely flexible and economical and can be used for multipurpose lockout in mechanical machines, to lock feed the cable end through the points to be locked out and then tighten the throughout the body of the equipment. Provided with steel cable of high quality and durability.
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